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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apparel Sizing (How does it work)

Well it comes to buying online there are some basics we need to know as itrelate to terminolgy. For Instance, you have shops like mine that carry Plus Size as the majority of its apparel; however, sometimes stores offer selective styles for Junior and Misses. So, the confusion is; What category do you fall in? Well, today I will try my best to answer that with a few explanatory descriptions of eachy sizing label.

Juniors; so who best fit in Junior Apparel?
•Juniors are for younger women and are usual designated by uneven sizes such as 1-13 The sizes for juniors are usually slimmer in the hips and bust oppose to misses sizes

Misses; so who best fits for Misses?
Misses sizes are uneven sizes such as 0-20 or 4-14; which may be a little more fuller than junior sizes in tterms of the hips and bust areas.

PlusSizes;so who best fits for Plus sIZES?
•Plus sizes are for larger Fuller and curvier women, plus sizes are often label by a W after the number such as 14W-24W or greater. You can even find these sizes in 1X,2X,3X OR GReater

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Print Proportions

Okay well it seems that Floral and animal prints will still be rocking the Fall. Ladies, as Plus size Women when we are wearing print; please make sure the Print is proportion with your body; if not it really does not flatter your size. Just as petite women should not wear large prints but smaller ones.

Animal Prints are not going anywhere and they can be very fashion fabulous; I suggest wearing them in one pieces or as accessories.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

PLUS SIZE WOMAN: Tell Them What you want

Okay, Ladies now I know that not everyone who reads my blog shop at my store; so I am aware that you shop at stores that have slashed their plus size department with very little to chooses from. The reason is the reason woes and it has many major retailers taking a step or three backwards; their was once a rise in offering more plus fashions in large department stores; but things have definitely changed.

I for one know that plus size women want to look great in their clothing; if not just for ourselves but for our husbands and boyfriends; I mean unless you just dont care about how he sees you; you do want to look fab. I am not saying you want to be in heels and pumps all the time but you want clothing that appeal to your body type and help you look youthful rather than like a frumpy Grannie. Right?

So, tell these people what you want;p when you visit the larger stores; write in to their corporate offices; take the service call in surveys and let your voice be heard. You can always do what my customers are doing and choose stores like mine Mirror Model Plsu Boutique that caters to you; the Plus size woman.

Looks for Fall

Alright all my sexy Ladies out there; especially my size 14 & Up crew. We did our thing all summer love looking ever so luscious in our sheer and ripped jeans and maxi dresses; wearing our chunky heels and jewelry and lets not forget about the highlights we added to our hair. Well, Fall is admist and its time to get glam in this new season. I love the fall because it just breathes freshness; so we want your wardrobe to have a freshness to it for the new season. So here are my reviews of upcoming fashion for the new season.We are going with Looks today

1.Skinny jeans/leggings.This year it looks like Skinny Jeans and leggings are in for us curvier chicks; now skinny jeans will draw attention to the butt, thighs and hips; so if you dont want to much attention in these areas I suggest wearing them in a dark wash jean and accentuating your waist; these will draw attention from those areas.

2.Big Bold Prints are in; especially animal inspired. Tip: when wearing prints you want to keep them proportioned to your body; you dont wont to have tiny prints; keep it proportioned with your body frame.

Okay, I will bring you more tips for the fall as the looks develop.Until then stay fabulous!


Give away, Read All about, we have something to Giveaway

Hello Divas; you are Beautiful and we have something to giveaway; we are looking for people to review our shop; leave a comment and thats how you will be entered into our contest. Now, we know we all like freebies and it only takes a few minutes out of your time; to review our website and make comment and hit SUBMIT;so what are you waiting for; get those comments going; let your fingers do the talking. We love you all and thank you for following our blog and being customers of our Fabulious Divavine Boutique!!!

Mirror Model Plus Boutique

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everyone Should Remember Their First Time

We giva all our first time buyers 10% off their next order with us and the best thing about this is that this never expires. Our customers can use it now or use it later; this is our appreciate to thenm for their first order and for being a returning customer. Mirror Model Plus Boutique feels that everyone should remember their first time; after all first times are meant to be special. Take advantage of your first time with us and experience our quality and unmatched customer service.

We appreciate every one who makes us their Boutique of Choice. I get very exccited when new customers come back for more and not only that they come back because of the quality and service.

20% Off Rebate on all Purchases

Mirror Model Plus Boutique has 20% off on All Handbags, perfume and Clothing from August 31,- September 2, 2009. Take 20% off clearance items too!

To take advantage of this email me at

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Monday, August 24, 2009


I am updating the store for Fall; the season is fastly upon us. So, we have to be ready for the fall fashions. Also, please sign up for the updates by going to my site. This will give you the inside scoop on new arrivals.

New Layaway Plan at the Boutique

This is really turning out to be the best thing I have added to my online store. Many of my customers have been placing layaways and I am running of of available inventory fast. Most of my customers ate telling me that they want to start placing holds for christmas. The Layaway policy is 20.00 down for 20 days on items $30.00 or greater. Plus you can put clearance items on sale too.I usually have extra stock on hand onsite however with the Layaway Handbags or flying off the shelf. Take advantage of this great offer and dont forget to check the clearance chest if you see something you want place it on hold.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Layaway Clearance Items

I just have to let you in on this; the best part about the Layaway Plan at Mirror Model Plus Boutique is that you can put clearance items on layaway too.
You will save alot this way and get some things yyou want right now.

Red Tag Tuesday

Many Vendors at DivaHype will offer the public exclusive sales on their products/services. This is a one day sale on 8/4/09. Please stop by DivaHype and support these Vendors by shopping with them. This sale is great because we have a variety of products. Buy jewelry,perfume, children books,spa products, natural products,adult,weightloss products and more.
Check the m out at
When you get there; click on the banners at the top of the [page to visit the Vendor specials]

Layaway Policy Effective Today 8/3/09

Hello everyone I just wanted to announce that my Boutique now has a Layaway Plan on all cothes and handbags only; you can even layaway clearance items. I am excited about it because my online Customers are excited about it too; Layaway is only offered to my online store; so its exclusive to my online customer base.
Check out our layaway policy HERE

Fashion Quotes to Live By or Laugh at

"The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.” ~Paris Hilton

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Website Design

I have a new webstore design. The old one was pretty bring too me or I just got bored with it, Check out the new site design; tell me what you think

Ask Fashion Questions Here?

Going on a date? Have a wedding to attend? Daughters prom? New Job? New Business Image? Fashion Show Consultations? Ask the questiona and I will give you the answers.
You can email me if its private.


Layaway Policy Coming Soon!

Layway on Handbags and Clothing

Of course as you know I love dressing women especially plus size women; I know as Plus size women alot of times style goes out of the window when it comes to budgeting and you'll left buying unflattering clothes; I dont want you to feel like because your purse strings may be worn that you have to look like it,
I was talking to one of my friends last week and she was so depressed because financilly she's catching hell. She kept insisting that if she only fix herself up; buy a new blouse or skirt, a nice handbag. She said this may seem idle; but as a woman I understood.

When you dont have much you want to find things that make you look and feel better. She was discouraged and she said Girl, what happen to Layaway. I cant get quality and flattering clothes on a Budget. So, I thought about these afew days and I decided to help other women who may be feeling the crunch and the hump of the economy. I know she cant be the only one.

So for a limited time I will offer a Layaway Plan on select Clothing and Handbags. My customers are the reason I do this and I want to do what I can in this economy to help and I thank all of my Customers for helping me too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Clip On Earrings..Seriously Unique

I had to let you all know about this find. There was a Summerfest in Atlanta this past week; well on the last day of the event. I stopped by the booth; Another Phase by Karen Roache. Well she is a handmade jewelry artist. She makes the most exquisite pieces of jewelry. Each piece has an uniqueness. Well as I was there shopping for myself, I thought why not buy some pieces for the Boutique. Of course, I would right.

Well, you can look forward to this soon.

As, I was there I heard that she makes jewelry for several well known celebrities and many have been photographed in her jewelry.
The artist is located out of Orangeburg, South Carolina. The reason I am so siked about Another Phase is because I am an earring lover; however, I havent been able to wear them much because my right earlobe was recently split.

If you knew how much this bummed me out; you would understand my excitement. Well, I can only wear pierced earrings and they are usually unattractive to me. Well Karen makes clip on earrings that are just gorgeous. I fell in love; I love big earrings and she had them. The pictures show you exactly what I bought; but there is so much more to what she has to offer.

The great thing I found out while speaking to one of the Sales Associates; which I found out to be her God Daughter; is that the Artist herself does not have pierced ears. Althought she does offer pierced earrings; I found majority of her earrings to be Clip on and they are EXQUISITE.

The earrings I purchase have a uniqueness; one is a shell earring and the other has purple semi precious stones; however, the lobe backing is red..too cute.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are all Plus Size Women Unhealthy???

The answer to this question is no; not all Plus Size Women are Unhealthy. Some live very health conscious liives; by excercising and eating healthy.

Though critics would argue that all Plus Size Women overeat and are inactive this is just not true. Some Plus size women have done alot to loose weight and can not.

Some are active and watch what they eat but are sttill carrying a few extra pounds; I say embrace yourself; because obviously God knows best. I promote healthy living; I also know that we all are wonderfully made and we have to accept ourselves as unique, wonderful and beautiful.

We are all created differrent for a reason. I for one have tried to diet many times and when I do I lose about 30 or 40 pounds and thats my Plateau; I really dont desire to be a size two, not that their is a problem being a size 2. I just love me; I just want to be healthy,and happy. Also, I want to enjoy food.

So, to the question posed; are all plus size women unhealthy/ No, they are not; we are all different on purpose. I do suggest that if you are not eating healthy to do so because even skinny people end up with high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

So, please eat healthy and dont concentrate on size; concentrate of loving whatever size you are. If you change your eating habits and drop a few pounds be proud ofyour accomplishments and continue to eat healthy.

I myself have committed to eating healthier and continuing to hit the gym and guess what I am still a Full Figured Diva and I am loving me; sure there are some imperfections but if I was a size 8 instead of my voluptrous size 18; I would still have imperfections.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


The Butterfly Bra by Jill Scott

Okay Ladies, I am a top heavy woman and the worst thing is not having a good bra to lift and seperate. Not only that I must have a bra that hides my extras. Have you ever owned a bra that well did not pull that extra you have on your sides towards your back and you can see little pudges peeking through.

Well, I hate this with a passion; I want to have my etra lovings in a neat and comfortable fit. Are you with me. Okay; well the Buttefly bra does just that for you.

It also gives you back support and a great lift; I mean nothing is hanging...YES!

I findthese bras at Ashley stewart; if you dont have one near you; you can definitely find it online at Ashley Stewart. These bras were designed by the very soulful and talented singer Ms. Jill Scott.



1.Lift & Support Bra(you dont need to add size; if your bra lifts and seperates; you have the illusion of fuller breast)

2.Women with fuller breast should wear V cut tops;looks great if you are top heavy)

3.If you want to show off your legs without wearing a really short mini; wear a skirt just above the knee but add HEELS/

4.High Heels lifts your calf and helps show off the legs

5.If wearing flip flops invest in those with really cute beading; you can be casual but chic at the same time.

6.Bad hair day; wear a cute silk hair scarf with a pretty print; tye around the head as a headband ..put hair in a side pony tail; wear the scarve tied to the side.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Premeire as of 7/8/09

Hey wonderful people. I am more than excited today. As of 7/8/09. Mirror Model Plus Boutique has a new exquisite line of sterling silver jewelry.

Some of the handmade jewelry have beads and stones from all around the world; just wait until you see this stones; beautiful. Each piece shows the personality of the stone. I cant wait to share these pieces at my trunk show next month.

I will be adding more as the new designs are unveiled from the designers. I am a lover of nice jewelry; sometimes it only takes on signature piece to give the right touch to an out fit.

Stop by the Boutique and take a sneak peek. You will fall in love. Okay, I am excited but that lets you know how passionate I am about my shop and I put alot of work into finding the right products for my customers and my vision.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Boutique Update!!!

Okay, this just in Mirror Model Boutique will be opening a new shop in month. I am still working out the details, but will keep everyone abrisk to whats going on. I am excited and I am ready to bring the greatest fashions to plus size women everywhere. Of course you all know we have the online Boutique.Which is fabulous. I carry perfume, plus size apparel and handbags and oh. lets not forget our fabulous jewelry.

Speaking of jewelry, I am in conversation with a handmade jewelry designer and her pieces are exquisite to say the least. I love the entire collection. Well, I will offer her collection really soon and guess what. She has offered to make a line just for my Boutique. I am stoked about this. See, make connections.

Check out the shop

Friday, June 26, 2009

Plus size Top with floral designs very comfy purchase now at


Why are retailers and designers so worried about cost when making plus size clothing; one they say its too expensive to make because of extra material. Okay I realize its hard times but these women still need to be clothed. It makes no sense logically, business wise okay. However, its still only a few pennies on the dollar extra to make plus size clothes and whats the beef when cost has always trinkled down to the consumer anyway.

Maybe if they made more clothes that actully accentuate our bodies then thre wouldnt be a drop in plussize sales. This is the very reason why I find plus size designers to buy clothes for my shop; they know our bodytype and they support our beauty.


Michael Jackson Died yesterday on 6/25/09
My respects go out to his family. We all have our thoughts
about this man; however, he is a legend, a music icon
that will be well missed by many adoring fans and most
of all his family, his children. This man gave us
tantalizing music and beats, unforgettable movement
and unspokable crushes. I honor the Michael especially
of the 80's when I wanted the jacket and my sister
had the glove and though she was his wife. I love the
Wiz and cried when his curl caught fire on the pepsi
commercial; Michael Jackson; will be missed.

Plus size and Designers

Okay so we know the latest that most Designers are pulling the card on plus size apparel. I think its ridiculous to pull the rag on this when the majority of the women according to the latest C.D.C. report is 164 pounds and wearing a size 14. So, this clearly shows that there is a growing need for fashion in plus sizes. Ok, everything is being blamed on the economy; I mean really who is advising these people; because this is not good sense to me.

Its too expensive to make plus size clothing because of extra material needed and the consumer is not spending. I have heard all of that and this only pisses of the plus size consumer; especially when we are all put in a box to be bargain shoppers who prefer to buy clothes that make us look like a box and bigger.

This is crazy and makes no logical sense. I understand business and cutting cost; however, why would you cut out serving a whole market of people.

There will be plus size fashion especially if the plus size designers have anything to do with it; it only takes something like this to inspire a few people and then; well, itson.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Plussize women are beautiful

Yes, thats right plussize women are beautiful; look at women like the comedienne Monique and Actress Queen Latifah; these women are famous yes but they are plus size women who love adorn the latest fashions and they look great doing it.

I must admit the fashion scene is coming around slowly to plus size fashion. It is so hard to find chic and sassy plus size fashion; either its too expensive or its not cute. I am a plus size woman and I love fashion, I hate the old frumpy; too much material clothes that someone actually put time into making. No!!!!!!! Please look at the Plus size woman she is beautiful; she is reveranced by her peers. She is a Diva; fashion her like one, Please.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Skinny on 2009 Patterns and Color

Hello all, I will be brief and straight to the point about Trends 2009.

Let's talk color; the color you will see is Coral; I just love this color; its blends perfectly and if you are a darker skin tone; its the perfect color for you. It's very soft but its alive so to speak; a truly feminine color. So, we will be seeing alot of coral this summer in patterns,solids, florals.

Speaking of Floral; its back. Floral patterns are the trend for this spring/summer. As you venture into your favorite stores you will find alot of patterns and floral will be the highlight of the family. Floral is a very feminine and natural pattern for a woman; so if you're out shopping try a coral and floral combo in possibly a Top or Beautiful flowy Dress.

Okay, well that's my quick skinny on 2009; Patterns and Color

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5 Tips for taking care what you do have

*Wash your garments on the Delicate Cycle.

*Hang your garments up instead of placing in the dryer.

*If a garment is looking worn, get rid of it, or donate it; if it looks to played out throw it away.

* Read all labels on your garments; if it says dry clean only; please dry clean. This will help your clothes last longer.

*If you have a deordorant stand on your clothing; especially black garments; take a panty hose (stocking cap) rub across stain and waahla its gones.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Dish on Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee is becoming a Diva amongst handbag designers. I am so in love with this handbags; for one they are designer and for two, they are american made and finally they are designer with affordability for all.

Nicole Lees is a LA based handbag company; it had its first launch in 2004.So, still a baby in the designer purse industry; however it is well out of the infancy stages.
Nicole Lee has become a big hit amongst Magazines and handbag pros.These handbags are fashion forward and brings a funky twist; to the handbag scene. Handbags have become mmore than just an accessory; they are the outfit, they are so much more than a sidekick and with Designer Bags like Nicole Lee; they are clearly making a bold fashion statement.

If you want to go Designer; and you want something sassy, bold and unique; then Nicole Lee is definitely for you; plus they are affordable; which makes them a bigger hit amongst handbag lovers.

You can very easily ownone of these bags for a hundred dollars...not bad compared to handbags that run you about 200.00- 300.00 or more.
My vote is for Nicole Lee!

Purchase Nicole Lee Handbags @

Monday, May 11, 2009


Okay, Divas lets talk sexy and sassy. I love this new piece; its comfortable and playfully seductive. I believe that every woman should possess some sexy lingerie. Please, stop sleeping in flannel pj's. Lol. Of course this wouldnt be worn everyday, on special occassions for that special someone.

The 3 Do's for Lingerie

1. Always go for comfort; you dont want to be so uncomfortable that wearingit is not a pleasure for you first.

2. Always pick flattering colors.

3. Pick your Lingerie as to what mood you want to set; if its hott, pick something red; if its innocent go with white and lace; if its wild, leopard print is great and for steamy, black is always tempting.

Remember Lingerie is all about you; feel good and dress up sometimes; you'll never know how much fun you'll have.

This featured piece can be found at my shop


How to out fit Trends of 2009

I hope you read my first Blog on Fashion Trends 2009. We are going to outfit using a few of those trends. Trust me if its not your style, you will still think its cute; I know what I'm doing; okay, now lets work some trendy magic. Okay, we are going to outfit some of the fashion Trends; just by putting together some of the trends and creating one out fitI will go with Sheer and Ripped Jeans and Beading, oh and the vest for Outfit #1


Ripped jeans(whatever brand of your choice; I wear Baby Phat) let the ripping be a slight tearing

Vest(Something with a maximum of three buttons) Solid colorA sheer/see through solid colored tee or small highlights of color

Flip Flops; yes Flip Flops with Beading on the thong of THE flop

A cute oversized shoulder Bag(solid color)If you wear your hair down; dont worry about earrings

If you wear your hair in a swooped up Pony tail; wear some medium sized dangling fashion earrings.And if you have to have the right pair of sunglasses go for rounded

Below are a visual idea of what I am speaking of. These are all Fashion Trends for 2009. Trust me you will be comfortable and still trendy all with affordability.
Mirror Model Handbags &
Accessories Boutique

heer.jpg" alt="" width="108" height="108"/>

Fashion Trends 2009

After Mother's Day sale

The Boutique is featuring an after Mother's day sale that will lat until May 15th plus free shipping. We have some really cute accessories in handbags and some very chic and trendy summer dresses and tops. This season Grecian styled dresses and tops are in; Mirror Model is always current with the trends.

We have some very cute seabreeze colored Grecian style shirts in and on sale; this one shoulder piece is faboulous and is a designer piece from Hot fash line.

As you see to your right this is an adorable top. It can be worn with some jeans; preferably skinny jeans or leggings. The top fits nicely; contouring to the hips; baring one shoulder. Vey chic and trendy for 2009

As always you can find this featured piece at

"The Voluptous Boutique where fashion meets Confidence"

Hello All, Welcome to Mirror Model Plus Boutique Inside Scoop; where you will get the latest on fashion, new accessories at the Boutique, upcoming events and all things cute, chic, sassy and affordable. Hang around you will benefit.

Mirror Model Plus Boutique

Charm is deceptive and Beauty is fleeting but a woman that fears the Lord; she shall be praised.