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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Whats in a Bag

I believe that men can not possibly understand whats in a bag. Of course they wouldnt understand the concept tahta  woman's purse is like her home on her shoulder. We carry it with us everywhere; we carry everything we own in our purse. Its our private sanctuary. We hide things in our purse; we fins things that we thought we lost in our purse. Lol. Haven't you heard the saying "I carry my whole life in my purse."

Men just don't get it; its like what a safety blanket is to a child. As women we want to be prepared; so many of us put all of our necessities in our purse; those necessities may include hot curlers, comfortable shoes (when you just have to get out of those Diva Heels) makeup, comb, brush, mirror; and lets not forget those who carry an extra pair of undergarments. Yep! It has been known to happen.

However, whats in a bag; is more than being a home we carry around on our shoulder or our security blanket; its simply a fashion statement, a finisher or addition of the style that we are displaying on the canvas of ourselves.

Just as that canvas changes each day; so does the accessories that drape along through out the day. We switch our bags like we do our undies; I hope..hmmmm. But our purse whether Big or small is a statement; its an addition to the walking model that we are as women. It says something on its own.

Your bag can either say..I am bold, wild, subtle or retro. It could express your mood or flavor.
That bag can be a messenger of how daring or careful you are.

A neat cute bag can say "I'm sophisticated and I dont need much."

A hug bag can say "I need to make sure that I have everything just in case."

Whatever the message of the bag or in what way we see it; its not just a bag; its a statement.

So choose a bag that represents your personality; and change it often because as women our diversity is what makes us beautiful.

Check out some os the trendy Clutches we now have at Mirror Model

Mirror Model has new Domain name

Hey Diva Queens I am excited to tell you that we moved we are now at a different address. Domain address that is. I didnt want you to miss out on all the fabulous things that we have at our Boutique. I am excited as Mirror Model does a surface makeover. We are now offering shoes sizes 5-12 and sometimes 13. We have a great selection of shoes, clutches and accessories. We have also added a semi/formal wear section with dresses for that special occassion. So in this year we are doing new and exciting these here at Mirror Model. We also changed our Slogan/motto. I velieve you are going to like it. It fits our vision just perfectly. The new slogan is "The Voluptous Boutique where fashion meets confidence." I love, I hope you do to because I do. Any questions contact me!
The new domain and our new home is Be sure to go visit, do some shopping, nothing is over a $100.00, Don't forget to bookmark us, ok! Go check out some of the items we have below.
Ruffle Dress                                    Sheer Overlay Cheetah Top
Turquoise Wedge Strappy Sandal
Navy Blue Envelope Clutch

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Great Attitude!

I have seen women in abeautiful dress with a low attitude. They are adorned with beautiful clothing and jewelry, yet they feel bad about themselves. In our world today, people put alot of emphasis on whats on the outside and fail to see the real purpose on the inside.
As a woman of fashion, I love to look great at all times even if I'm casually going to the corner store; however, I rather have my customers healthy in their self view of themselves than to just say Hey, dress it up with this. So, I want to express no matter what you put on your body; its a cover , what's underneath that draping is the real you. So, Embrace who you are and love yourself on purpose.

Fashion change every season, but the Love for yourself will last a lifetime. So,  before you put on one our our dresses; look yourself in the mirror and appreciate you.

Love you on Purpose,
Miss CoCo
Mirror Model


                                                                  Ruffle Top Halter
                                                         Fabulous Black & White Dress
                                                                   Color Infused Dress

It's all Color and Print

We are seeing alot of bold colors this spring and summer 2012. These colors are in abstract and geometric shapes. The bolder the color and print; the better. Bold Colors and prints gives you a sense of "I am confident". If you ever wanted to send a message about how fabulous you are do it Boldly and outloud. Try Bold colors and prints this season., Have A Fashionista's Day CoCo

Thursday, March 18, 2010


This Dress is one of the hottest pieces at the Boutique right now; it has received rave reviews and is selling very fast....The fabulous Josie Ruffle Dress; its so sexy. Below is the Picture on the Mannequin and the picture of an actual Mirror Model Plus Boutique Customer.

"The Voluptous Boutique where fashion meets Confidence"

Hello All, Welcome to Mirror Model Plus Boutique Inside Scoop; where you will get the latest on fashion, new accessories at the Boutique, upcoming events and all things cute, chic, sassy and affordable. Hang around you will benefit.

Mirror Model Plus Boutique

Charm is deceptive and Beauty is fleeting but a woman that fears the Lord; she shall be praised.