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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are all Plus Size Women Unhealthy???

The answer to this question is no; not all Plus Size Women are Unhealthy. Some live very health conscious liives; by excercising and eating healthy.

Though critics would argue that all Plus Size Women overeat and are inactive this is just not true. Some Plus size women have done alot to loose weight and can not.

Some are active and watch what they eat but are sttill carrying a few extra pounds; I say embrace yourself; because obviously God knows best. I promote healthy living; I also know that we all are wonderfully made and we have to accept ourselves as unique, wonderful and beautiful.

We are all created differrent for a reason. I for one have tried to diet many times and when I do I lose about 30 or 40 pounds and thats my Plateau; I really dont desire to be a size two, not that their is a problem being a size 2. I just love me; I just want to be healthy,and happy. Also, I want to enjoy food.

So, to the question posed; are all plus size women unhealthy/ No, they are not; we are all different on purpose. I do suggest that if you are not eating healthy to do so because even skinny people end up with high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

So, please eat healthy and dont concentrate on size; concentrate of loving whatever size you are. If you change your eating habits and drop a few pounds be proud ofyour accomplishments and continue to eat healthy.

I myself have committed to eating healthier and continuing to hit the gym and guess what I am still a Full Figured Diva and I am loving me; sure there are some imperfections but if I was a size 8 instead of my voluptrous size 18; I would still have imperfections.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


The Butterfly Bra by Jill Scott

Okay Ladies, I am a top heavy woman and the worst thing is not having a good bra to lift and seperate. Not only that I must have a bra that hides my extras. Have you ever owned a bra that well did not pull that extra you have on your sides towards your back and you can see little pudges peeking through.

Well, I hate this with a passion; I want to have my etra lovings in a neat and comfortable fit. Are you with me. Okay; well the Buttefly bra does just that for you.

It also gives you back support and a great lift; I mean nothing is hanging...YES!

I findthese bras at Ashley stewart; if you dont have one near you; you can definitely find it online at Ashley Stewart. These bras were designed by the very soulful and talented singer Ms. Jill Scott.



1.Lift & Support Bra(you dont need to add size; if your bra lifts and seperates; you have the illusion of fuller breast)

2.Women with fuller breast should wear V cut tops;looks great if you are top heavy)

3.If you want to show off your legs without wearing a really short mini; wear a skirt just above the knee but add HEELS/

4.High Heels lifts your calf and helps show off the legs

5.If wearing flip flops invest in those with really cute beading; you can be casual but chic at the same time.

6.Bad hair day; wear a cute silk hair scarf with a pretty print; tye around the head as a headband ..put hair in a side pony tail; wear the scarve tied to the side.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Premeire as of 7/8/09

Hey wonderful people. I am more than excited today. As of 7/8/09. Mirror Model Plus Boutique has a new exquisite line of sterling silver jewelry.

Some of the handmade jewelry have beads and stones from all around the world; just wait until you see this stones; beautiful. Each piece shows the personality of the stone. I cant wait to share these pieces at my trunk show next month.

I will be adding more as the new designs are unveiled from the designers. I am a lover of nice jewelry; sometimes it only takes on signature piece to give the right touch to an out fit.

Stop by the Boutique and take a sneak peek. You will fall in love. Okay, I am excited but that lets you know how passionate I am about my shop and I put alot of work into finding the right products for my customers and my vision.

"The Voluptous Boutique where fashion meets Confidence"

Hello All, Welcome to Mirror Model Plus Boutique Inside Scoop; where you will get the latest on fashion, new accessories at the Boutique, upcoming events and all things cute, chic, sassy and affordable. Hang around you will benefit.

Mirror Model Plus Boutique

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