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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Great Attitude!

I have seen women in abeautiful dress with a low attitude. They are adorned with beautiful clothing and jewelry, yet they feel bad about themselves. In our world today, people put alot of emphasis on whats on the outside and fail to see the real purpose on the inside.
As a woman of fashion, I love to look great at all times even if I'm casually going to the corner store; however, I rather have my customers healthy in their self view of themselves than to just say Hey, dress it up with this. So, I want to express no matter what you put on your body; its a cover , what's underneath that draping is the real you. So, Embrace who you are and love yourself on purpose.

Fashion change every season, but the Love for yourself will last a lifetime. So,  before you put on one our our dresses; look yourself in the mirror and appreciate you.

Love you on Purpose,
Miss CoCo
Mirror Model


                                                                  Ruffle Top Halter
                                                         Fabulous Black & White Dress
                                                                   Color Infused Dress

It's all Color and Print

We are seeing alot of bold colors this spring and summer 2012. These colors are in abstract and geometric shapes. The bolder the color and print; the better. Bold Colors and prints gives you a sense of "I am confident". If you ever wanted to send a message about how fabulous you are do it Boldly and outloud. Try Bold colors and prints this season., Have A Fashionista's Day CoCo

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Charm is deceptive and Beauty is fleeting but a woman that fears the Lord; she shall be praised.