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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5 Tips for taking care what you do have

*Wash your garments on the Delicate Cycle.

*Hang your garments up instead of placing in the dryer.

*If a garment is looking worn, get rid of it, or donate it; if it looks to played out throw it away.

* Read all labels on your garments; if it says dry clean only; please dry clean. This will help your clothes last longer.

*If you have a deordorant stand on your clothing; especially black garments; take a panty hose (stocking cap) rub across stain and waahla its gones.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Dish on Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee is becoming a Diva amongst handbag designers. I am so in love with this handbags; for one they are designer and for two, they are american made and finally they are designer with affordability for all.

Nicole Lees is a LA based handbag company; it had its first launch in 2004.So, still a baby in the designer purse industry; however it is well out of the infancy stages.
Nicole Lee has become a big hit amongst Magazines and handbag pros.These handbags are fashion forward and brings a funky twist; to the handbag scene. Handbags have become mmore than just an accessory; they are the outfit, they are so much more than a sidekick and with Designer Bags like Nicole Lee; they are clearly making a bold fashion statement.

If you want to go Designer; and you want something sassy, bold and unique; then Nicole Lee is definitely for you; plus they are affordable; which makes them a bigger hit amongst handbag lovers.

You can very easily ownone of these bags for a hundred dollars...not bad compared to handbags that run you about 200.00- 300.00 or more.
My vote is for Nicole Lee!

Purchase Nicole Lee Handbags @

Monday, May 11, 2009


Okay, Divas lets talk sexy and sassy. I love this new piece; its comfortable and playfully seductive. I believe that every woman should possess some sexy lingerie. Please, stop sleeping in flannel pj's. Lol. Of course this wouldnt be worn everyday, on special occassions for that special someone.

The 3 Do's for Lingerie

1. Always go for comfort; you dont want to be so uncomfortable that wearingit is not a pleasure for you first.

2. Always pick flattering colors.

3. Pick your Lingerie as to what mood you want to set; if its hott, pick something red; if its innocent go with white and lace; if its wild, leopard print is great and for steamy, black is always tempting.

Remember Lingerie is all about you; feel good and dress up sometimes; you'll never know how much fun you'll have.

This featured piece can be found at my shop


How to out fit Trends of 2009

I hope you read my first Blog on Fashion Trends 2009. We are going to outfit using a few of those trends. Trust me if its not your style, you will still think its cute; I know what I'm doing; okay, now lets work some trendy magic. Okay, we are going to outfit some of the fashion Trends; just by putting together some of the trends and creating one out fitI will go with Sheer and Ripped Jeans and Beading, oh and the vest for Outfit #1


Ripped jeans(whatever brand of your choice; I wear Baby Phat) let the ripping be a slight tearing

Vest(Something with a maximum of three buttons) Solid colorA sheer/see through solid colored tee or small highlights of color

Flip Flops; yes Flip Flops with Beading on the thong of THE flop

A cute oversized shoulder Bag(solid color)If you wear your hair down; dont worry about earrings

If you wear your hair in a swooped up Pony tail; wear some medium sized dangling fashion earrings.And if you have to have the right pair of sunglasses go for rounded

Below are a visual idea of what I am speaking of. These are all Fashion Trends for 2009. Trust me you will be comfortable and still trendy all with affordability.
Mirror Model Handbags &
Accessories Boutique

heer.jpg" alt="" width="108" height="108"/>

Fashion Trends 2009

After Mother's Day sale

The Boutique is featuring an after Mother's day sale that will lat until May 15th plus free shipping. We have some really cute accessories in handbags and some very chic and trendy summer dresses and tops. This season Grecian styled dresses and tops are in; Mirror Model is always current with the trends.

We have some very cute seabreeze colored Grecian style shirts in and on sale; this one shoulder piece is faboulous and is a designer piece from Hot fash line.

As you see to your right this is an adorable top. It can be worn with some jeans; preferably skinny jeans or leggings. The top fits nicely; contouring to the hips; baring one shoulder. Vey chic and trendy for 2009

As always you can find this featured piece at

"The Voluptous Boutique where fashion meets Confidence"

Hello All, Welcome to Mirror Model Plus Boutique Inside Scoop; where you will get the latest on fashion, new accessories at the Boutique, upcoming events and all things cute, chic, sassy and affordable. Hang around you will benefit.

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