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Friday, June 26, 2009

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Why are retailers and designers so worried about cost when making plus size clothing; one they say its too expensive to make because of extra material. Okay I realize its hard times but these women still need to be clothed. It makes no sense logically, business wise okay. However, its still only a few pennies on the dollar extra to make plus size clothes and whats the beef when cost has always trinkled down to the consumer anyway.

Maybe if they made more clothes that actully accentuate our bodies then thre wouldnt be a drop in plussize sales. This is the very reason why I find plus size designers to buy clothes for my shop; they know our bodytype and they support our beauty.


Michael Jackson Died yesterday on 6/25/09
My respects go out to his family. We all have our thoughts
about this man; however, he is a legend, a music icon
that will be well missed by many adoring fans and most
of all his family, his children. This man gave us
tantalizing music and beats, unforgettable movement
and unspokable crushes. I honor the Michael especially
of the 80's when I wanted the jacket and my sister
had the glove and though she was his wife. I love the
Wiz and cried when his curl caught fire on the pepsi
commercial; Michael Jackson; will be missed.

Plus size and Designers

Okay so we know the latest that most Designers are pulling the card on plus size apparel. I think its ridiculous to pull the rag on this when the majority of the women according to the latest C.D.C. report is 164 pounds and wearing a size 14. So, this clearly shows that there is a growing need for fashion in plus sizes. Ok, everything is being blamed on the economy; I mean really who is advising these people; because this is not good sense to me.

Its too expensive to make plus size clothing because of extra material needed and the consumer is not spending. I have heard all of that and this only pisses of the plus size consumer; especially when we are all put in a box to be bargain shoppers who prefer to buy clothes that make us look like a box and bigger.

This is crazy and makes no logical sense. I understand business and cutting cost; however, why would you cut out serving a whole market of people.

There will be plus size fashion especially if the plus size designers have anything to do with it; it only takes something like this to inspire a few people and then; well, itson.

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