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Saturday, September 12, 2009

PLUS SIZE WOMAN: Tell Them What you want

Okay, Ladies now I know that not everyone who reads my blog shop at my store; so I am aware that you shop at stores that have slashed their plus size department with very little to chooses from. The reason is the reason woes and it has many major retailers taking a step or three backwards; their was once a rise in offering more plus fashions in large department stores; but things have definitely changed.

I for one know that plus size women want to look great in their clothing; if not just for ourselves but for our husbands and boyfriends; I mean unless you just dont care about how he sees you; you do want to look fab. I am not saying you want to be in heels and pumps all the time but you want clothing that appeal to your body type and help you look youthful rather than like a frumpy Grannie. Right?

So, tell these people what you want;p when you visit the larger stores; write in to their corporate offices; take the service call in surveys and let your voice be heard. You can always do what my customers are doing and choose stores like mine Mirror Model Plsu Boutique that caters to you; the Plus size woman.

Looks for Fall

Alright all my sexy Ladies out there; especially my size 14 & Up crew. We did our thing all summer love looking ever so luscious in our sheer and ripped jeans and maxi dresses; wearing our chunky heels and jewelry and lets not forget about the highlights we added to our hair. Well, Fall is admist and its time to get glam in this new season. I love the fall because it just breathes freshness; so we want your wardrobe to have a freshness to it for the new season. So here are my reviews of upcoming fashion for the new season.We are going with Looks today

1.Skinny jeans/leggings.This year it looks like Skinny Jeans and leggings are in for us curvier chicks; now skinny jeans will draw attention to the butt, thighs and hips; so if you dont want to much attention in these areas I suggest wearing them in a dark wash jean and accentuating your waist; these will draw attention from those areas.

2.Big Bold Prints are in; especially animal inspired. Tip: when wearing prints you want to keep them proportioned to your body; you dont wont to have tiny prints; keep it proportioned with your body frame.

Okay, I will bring you more tips for the fall as the looks develop.Until then stay fabulous!


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