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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Layway on Handbags and Clothing

Of course as you know I love dressing women especially plus size women; I know as Plus size women alot of times style goes out of the window when it comes to budgeting and you'll left buying unflattering clothes; I dont want you to feel like because your purse strings may be worn that you have to look like it,
I was talking to one of my friends last week and she was so depressed because financilly she's catching hell. She kept insisting that if she only fix herself up; buy a new blouse or skirt, a nice handbag. She said this may seem idle; but as a woman I understood.

When you dont have much you want to find things that make you look and feel better. She was discouraged and she said Girl, what happen to Layaway. I cant get quality and flattering clothes on a Budget. So, I thought about these afew days and I decided to help other women who may be feeling the crunch and the hump of the economy. I know she cant be the only one.

So for a limited time I will offer a Layaway Plan on select Clothing and Handbags. My customers are the reason I do this and I want to do what I can in this economy to help and I thank all of my Customers for helping me too.

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